DAI Securities strives to provide you with the most diverse offering of financial products to accommodate a comprehensive wealth management platform for your clients. Not only do we perform due diligence for potential resources, we will openly discuss additional investment solutions at your request and answer questions regarding any aspect of currently available products.
DAI is committed to offering you access to traditional brokerage account management plus:
  • Mutual Funds
  • Equities
  • Annuities
  • Fixed Income
  • ETFs
  • College Savings Plans
  • Self-Directed IRAs
The expanding array of vehicles for non-traditional, alternative investing offers attractive opportunities for diversification. From real estate and commodities to hedge funds and private equity, DAI is diligent about helping advisors build their client’s portfolio of individually appropriate assets and strategies that is right for each. 1031 Exchanges A 1031 Exchange is one of the most powerful tax deferral strategies still remaining for accredited investors. Taxpayers often want to avoid paying income taxes on the sale of property if they intend to reinvest the proceeds in similar or like-kind property. A 1031 Exchange offers an opportunity to sell property and replace it with an income generating property using 100 percent of the sale proceeds while deferring some or all of the taxes on the transaction. For example, farm land can be exchanged for an apartment complex, a rental vacation home, office or other commercial property or any type of property that is held for investment. The range of real property that will qualify for tax deferral opens up many options for land owners such as farmers to diversify their investments and obtain cash flow without having to be involved in the management of the acquired replacement property. The dividends paid by the investment may provide a substantial income for as long as they own the property. Oftentimes this may result in more than what they would receive in land rent. Important 1031 Facts
  1. Taxes from the sale of farmland or other real property may be deferred when the proceeds are used to purchase like-kind property.
  2. All proceeds from the sale must be handled by a “qualified intermediary” (QI) and cannot be received by the seller or his/her agents. The entire cash proceeds from the original sale not reinvested into like-kind property will likely be subject to capital gains. The investor often has discretion over how much tax they have to pay.
  3. It is important to know the TWO TIMELINES you need to abide by: The Identification Period (45 days from date of closing) and The Exchange Period (180 days from date of closing).
  4. The replacement property must be subject to an equal or greater level of debt than the property sold or as a result the buyer could be forced to pay tax on the percentage difference.

DAI Wealth, LLC. provides you with a platform for your clients’ investment management using advisor-directed accounts for custom portfolios as well as Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds and Mutual Fund Wrap programs.

With our technology partner, Envestnet, we provide you with state-of-the-art proposal generation, portfolio analysis and management, performance reporting, research tools and technology integrations.

Through extensive research, DAI Wealth, LLC. has developed an investment management system that strives to remove human emotion from decision making. It is based on three key disciplines and is available as a DAI advisor to use with your clients.

At DAI, we strategically guide and partner with our advisors in assisting their clients in transferring not only their wealth to the next generation but also their values. Our team works with families to develop a culture of open communication, respect and purpose. Through our Wealth Planning services, clients identify and solidify their vision, mission and goals as well as the benefit that working together as a family to preserve their wealth. With DAI’s focused planning and counsel, families are able to establish, sustain and share a lasting legacy. Our services for Wealth Planning include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Family Education and Governance
  • Wealth Transfer and Tax Strategies
  • Philanthropy

Individuals and families of significant wealth experience a growing number of concerns, issues and daily duties associated with their success. This can become cumbersome and interfere with enjoying the life they have built. Our leadership team’s experience in working with high net worth clients across the country is an invaluable asset when collaborating with existing Family Offices. Our knowledge base and holistic approach to our individual client’s financial realm allows us to provide essential guidance, bring unity and effectively oversee ongoing plans and their implementation.